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At RCC, We are proud to support RCC’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, & Intersex students.

Are you…

  • Exploring your sexuality and/or gender identity and have a lot of emotions that you want help working through?
  • Self-medicating with substances or using another unhealthy behavior to cope with distressing thoughts about your sexuality and/or gender identity?
  • Comfortable with your sexual orientation and/or gender identity, but have another significant concern (ex., I feel depressed because I had a death in the family, I experienced a recent sexual assault and I don’t feel safe.)?

RCC’s Counseling Center is safe and affirming environment to discuss and address concerns related to how your sexual orientation and/or gender identity may impact family and friends, worldview (religion, spirituality, or other values), career and finances, or mental and physical health. We are also here to support you if you are dealing with the effects of systemic oppression and discrimination, violence, harassment, or bullying because of your sexual orientation or gender identity.


GLAAD Resource List
The Trevor Project-Resources
FREE Texting Service for support for trans folk 
Article: Free Text Service Sends Daily Support to Isolated Trans People
It Gets Better
Trans Folx Fighting Eating Disorders

Rainbow Club-RWC
President: Sage Cogliser 
Advisor: Mary Middleton