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ENGR - Engineering

ENGR101 (2 credits)
Engineering Orientation I: Careers, Skills and Computer Tools
Introduces engineering curricula, career paths, ethics, problem solving, communication, and computer programming. The three-term sequence is required for all areas of engineering. Prerequisite: MTH111.

ENGR102 (2 credits)
Engineering Orientation II:
Careers, Skills and Computer Tools
Examines communication and problem solving skills in engineering. Prerequisite: ENGR101.

ENGR103 (2 credits)
Engineering Orientation III
Examines communication and problem-solving skills in engineering. Prerequisite: ENGR102.

ENGR201 (2 credits)
Electrical Fundamentals 
Examines electrical theory laws. Includes circuit analysis of DC circuits; natural, step, and sinusoidal responses of circuits; and operational amplifier characteristics and applications. Prerequisite MTH251. Co-requisite: ENGR201L.ENGR201L
Electrical Fundamentals Lab
Lab associated with ENGR201.

ENGR202 (3 credits)
Electrical Fundamentals II
Examines electrical-theory laws. Includes circuit analysis of AC circuits using complex numbers for single- and three-phase power. Students must enroll in lecture and laboratory sections. Prerequisite: ENGR201. Co-requisite: ENGR202L.

Electrical Fundamentals II Lab
Lab associated with ENGR202.

ENGR211 (3 credits)
Analyzes forces induced in structures and machines by various types of loading. Prerequisites: PH211 and PH211L.

ENGR212 (3 credits)
Explores kinematics, Newton’s laws of motion, work-energy theorem, and impulse-momentum relationships as applied to engineering systems. Prerequisite: ENGR211.

ENGR213 (3 credits)
Strength of Materials
Presents the concepts of introductory mechanics of materials. Topics addressed are the concept of stress, axial stress and strain, torsion, pure bending, transverse loading, transformations of stress and strain, design of beams and shafts for strength, deflection of beams, and columns. Prerequisite: ENGR211