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PRX - Pharmacy Technician

PRX64 (2 credits)
Pharmacy Calculations
Teaches the calculations involved in the preparation and administration of pharmacological products. Topics include converting measurements, dosage calculations, dilutions, concentrations, dimensional analysis, flow duration, volume per hour, drip rates, and TPN milliliter-equivalents. Prerequisites: MTH60 or MTH63 and RD90 or WR91 or designated placement scores, and be admitted to the Pharmacy Technician Certificate program.

PRX100 (2 credits)
Occupational Safety
Designed to prepare students for the following sections: patient and healthcare worker education, standard/ universal precautions and prevention of disease transmission, prevention of cross contamination, maintaining aseptic conditions, performing sterilization procedures, environmental asepsis, and occupational safety. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Pharmacy Technician Certificate program.

PRX101 (4 credits)
Pharmacy Technician I
Introduces the basic concepts of the practice of pharmacy and the pharmacy technician’s role, including the history of pharmacy, the types of pharmacy settings, the language of pharmacy and drug classifications, the types and use of technology in the pharmacy setting, and basic concepts of health insurance billing as they relate to the pharmacy technician’s role. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Pharmacy Technician Certificate program

PRX102 (4 credits)
Pharmacy Technician II
Builds on material learned in Pharmacy Technician I. Focus is on the pharmacy technician’s role in purchasing and inventory control, the behaviors expected of a professional pharmacy technician, the process of preparing, labeling, packaging, storing, and distributing medication, and the purpose, reason, and process for compounded and sterile medications. Prerequisite: PRX101.

PRX123 (2 credits)
Legal and Ethical Issues for Pharmacy Technicians
Exposes the student to variety of legal and ethical dilemmas, helping students become more prudent and confident pharmacy technicians. Classroom content includes the legal system, the legal rights that define relationships between individuals, quality assurance, office protocols and patient records, and legal issues that affect employment. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Pharmacy Technician Certificate program.

PRX150 (1 credit)
Pharmacy Technician Pre-Practicum and Seminar
Provides an extensive overview of office responsibilities and work ethics Prepares students for the challenges of their multiple roles in the pharmacy setting including guest, intern, student-worker, pharmacy technician, and customer service employee. Students will review and discuss the expectations and protocols for their upcoming practicum classes. Course will meet for two-hour sessions, five times during the term. Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Pharmacy Technician Certificate program.

PRX170 (2 credits)
Pharmacy Technician Practicum
Provides hands-on clinical experience. Students work an average of 9 hours per week in a host site as part of the pharmacy team and experience first-hand the various operations within different pharmacy settings. Duties will be assigned according to students' skill level and the work needs of the host site. Students will participate in three seminars during the term - an orientation seminar to discuss expectations for the term; a mid-term seminar to discuss current activities and exchange details on experiences; and a concluding seminar to reflect on work experiences. Seminars are attended and moderated by an instructor, who uses the feedback gained to evaluate current practicum experiences and improve future practicum experiences. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Pharmacy Technician Certificate program.