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Facial Coverings FAQs

COVID 19 social distancing and facial coverings


A surgical mask, washable cloth mask or N95 (without exhalation valve) must be worn over mouth and nose at all times when on campus, inside buildings as well as outside on campus grounds when 6 feet of distancing can not be maintained.

Question: If I have been immunized for COVID-19 do I still have to wear a mask on campus?
Answer: Yes. You still must wear an authorized face covering when on campus.

Question: Is a chef’s plastic facemask that covers the chin and mouth area acceptable as a mask, face shield or face covering?
Answer: No. A face shield must cover the forehead, extend below the chin and wrap around the sides of the face and when on campus must be used in conjunction with a cloth mask, surgical mask or N95 to meet RCC policies.

Question: Are there religious exemptions from wearing a mask, face shield or face covering?
Answer: No. There are limited times when you do not have to wear a mask, face shield or face covering at a location covered by the statewide guidance. For example, masks or face coverings are not required for people in an enclosed office space where they are not likely to have in person interaction with others.

Question: If an employee is working behind plexiglass does that employee have to wear a mask, face shield or face covering?
Answer: Plexiglass can provide an additional layer of protection, however employees, contractors and volunteers must wear a mask or face covering in businesses and indoor and outdoor public spaces as defined in the Statewide Mask, Face Shield, Face Covering Guidance. RCC requires facial coverings in any indoor space unless in an enclosed office where they are not likely to have in person interaction with others.

Question: Does the statewide face covering guidance apply to institutions of higher education (colleges and universities)?
Answer: Yes. The guidance applies to indoor public spaces at higher education institutions.

Question: Are masks with exhalation valves acceptable for people who are required to wear masks?
Answer: No. Masks with exhalation valves are intended to make breathing easier and prevent humidity buildup. Depending on mask type and mask fit, these masks can protect the wearer from inhaling droplets and aerosols. However, they do not filter exhaled or forced aerosols and droplets because the exhalation valve is not equipped with a filter. These masks are not acceptable to prevent transmission of microbes. They are only acceptable in situations where masks or face coverings are not required.

Question: How will RCC handle a situation in which an individual refuses to wear a facial covering over mouth and nose?
Answer: Students and employees may request to engage in the accommodation process if they wish, however state guidelines do not allow for an accommodation to include NOT wearing a facial covering. Any individual refusing to wear a facial covering properly in a campus building will be asked to leave campus.

To request accommodations related to COVID-19 please contact:
• Students - Access and Disability Resources - - 541-956-7337
• Employees - Human Resources - - 541-956-7329