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Add/Drop/Withdraw from Classes

Adding a Class

Classes may be added by registering on the RCC website during registration periods through the first week of term. After the first week of term, you must get the permission code from the instructor and add your class via your myRogue account by clicking on permission to add a class with a code.

Administrative Drop

Instructors may administratively drop students who register by the Sunday before classes start and do not attend school during the first week of the term. This procedure applies only to credit classes. A 100% tuition refund will be applied to the accounts of students who have been administratively dropped.

NOTE: This procedure does not relieve students of the responsibility to drop. Students need to officially withdraw from classes that begin at irregular intervals.

For credit classes more than six weeks in duration, students must attend at least 50 percent of the class/lab meetings during the first week of the term, or they may be administratively dropped form the class by the instructor.

Students unable to attend the class during the first week or first class should contact the instructor prior to the class meeting if they wish to avoid being administratively dropped from class.

Official Drop or Withdrawal from Classes

Students may drop classes online in myRogue or by notifying Rogue Central, through the deadline to drop classes, see the Academic Calendar.  Students who officially drop receive a full refund. There is no notation of the class on a transcript. 

Beginning on the second Thursday of the term through the eighth Friday of fall, winter and spring terms (fifth Friday of summer term) students may withdraw online or contact Rogue Central.  There is no refund for a withdrawal and a grade of W is noted on a transcript.   The date the student withdraws online or notifies Rogue Central of their intent to withdraw is the official last date of attendance.  The official drop and withdrawal dates are date stamped in the college Student Information System.

Unofficial Drop or Withdrawal from Classes

Students who stop attending but do not officially drop, withdraw or notify Rogue Central receive the grade that they earned based on syllabus requirements.  If that grade is F, Incomplete, NP, or Z, the instructor must enter the last date of attendance on the online grade roster

In an online class, the last date of attendance is the last day that a student engaged in academically related activity such as submitting an assignment or a test.  It is not the last date the student logged on, but did not submit assigned work. 

Credit class refund and withdraw deadlines

Class length

Last day for 100% refund, nothing on transcript

Last day to withdraw, no refund, W grade on transcript

Regular term length classes

Wednesday of week two of the term

Friday of week 8; summer term on Thursday of week 5

One-day classes

One day prior to class meeting

First day of class

One week classes

The day of the first class meeting

The day of the last class meeting

Two-week classes

The day of the first class meeting

One day before last class meeting

Three-week classes or longer

The day of the first class meeting

One day before last class meeting