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RCC Continuing Ed Admissions Application

Personal Information
Your legal first name as reflected on official documents such as birth certificate.
Your legal first name as reflected on official documents such as birth certificate.
Street address of where you currently reside. This is the primary address the College will use to mail important communication.
A mobile number must be specified if you want to receive SMS text messages from the College. Be sure to select the Subscribe to SMS check box to give the College permission to send you text messages.
The College will send emergency notifications and other important text messages if you select the check box. You must provide a Mobile Phone Number and select a provider in the SMS Provider list in order to receive the text messages.
This is required if you select the Subscribe to SMS check box.
Education History
Please provide the month and year of your High School, Home School or GED completion.
If you are currently still in high school, please choose your school from the pick list.
I plan to study
(pick one of the four options)
Demographic Information
RCC is committed to a culture of civility, respect, and inclusivity. We actively seek to recruit, retain, and serve a diverse student body. RCC is required by the Federal Government to ask the following questions.
Rogue Community College values and welcomes LGBTQIA students. The gender and sexual identity information you provide will be kept private and secure information and will not be shared beyond those service providers on our campus. This information is also used for reporting demographic information to the State of Oregon as a way to identify needs across our higher education system. Students’ information will not be used for discriminatory purposes and can be changed in the future as they enroll at RCC. Answering questions about gender and sexual identity is optional.
Provide your date of birth (DOB) in this format MM/DD/YYYY.
Will you have lived in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, or Montana for at least 90-days prior to the first day of your expected starting term at RCC? This information determines your residency for tuition rate purposes.
The citizenship status for the student. The citizenship status is used to determine whether or not a student is eligible for financial aid.
If your parent(s)/guardian(s) have not earned a 4-year college degree, you are considered to be first generation.
Military status information helps the College know if you are a Veteran or a Dependent of a Veteran for determining benefits eligibility.
RCC Terms and Policies
Tuition and Fee Policy Acknowledgement Tuition and fees are subject to RCC Board of Education policy and may be changed at any time. Please refer to Tuition Fees and Charges to obtain the current administrative procedure regarding rates, payments, and refund policies. Tuition and fees are payable in full by cash, check, credit card, or debit card (Visa or Master Card) by the second (2nd) Tuesday of each term. For non-credit classes payment is due before the first class meeting. Students may also use financial aid funds or third party agency funds to pay their tuition and fees if they are eligible for these funds. If financial aid or agency funds are not received by the last day to pay tuition, it is the student’s responsibility to pay their tuition and fees. If you have not paid or set up a Tuition Installment Plan by the second (2nd) Tuesday of the term a late fee of 5% of the balance due that will be assessed monthly until the balance is paid in full. Payment of the stipulated fees by students registered for a course entitles them to all services maintained by the College for the benefit of students. These services include use of the tutoring centers, computer labs, library, laboratory and course equipment, materials in connection with courses for which the students are registered, and admission to some events sponsored by the College. By College policy, there is no reduction in fees for students who do not intend to avail themselves of these services.
As part of Rogue Community College’s continued commitment to the safety and security of our students, faculty, and staff and to meet requirements outlined by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, the RCC Risk Management Department publishes the Annual Security Report no later than October 1st of each year. The Annual Security Report is prepared by the RCC Risk Management Department in coordination with Student Services, Human Resources, Facilities and numerous local law enforcement agencies that have jurisdiction over Rogue Community College campuses. Inside this report, you will find detailed information regarding the resources and prevention programs available at Rogue Community College and reporting policies and procedures, which Rogue Community College utilizes to increase the safety and security of our campuses and encourage the reporting of all criminal activity. Also included in this report, is information regarding criminal activity that was reported to Campus Security and that occurred in Rogue Community College geographical areas as defined under the Clery Act. Click the link to find the current Annual Security Report. A printed copy of the Annual Security Report may be obtained free of charge by contacting any member of the RCC Risk Management Department.
RCC abides by and honors all state and federal laws pertaining to the privacy and confidentiality of student directory information and student education records as outlined the Education Records, Directory Information, and Privacy Procedures. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) grants students, certain rights, privileges, and protections relative to individually identifiable student educational records that are maintained by the College. FERPA allows the College to disclose a student’s directory information without consent unless they have requested a restriction to release this information.
RCC provides an environment, which encourages learning. The College is dedicated to the open exchange of knowledge and skills, growth in student capacity for critical thinking, respectful disagreement and the development of ethically sensitive and responsible students. The College recognizes that all individuals and groups at RCC have dignity and worth. Learning and teaching are inseparable aspects of academic pursuit. Standards of academic rights and freedoms for students, as outlined in the Standards of Student Conduct and the Student Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities procedure, are essential. It is the student’s responsibility to learn and meet the behavioral expectations of the College as outlined in the Standards of Student Conduct. A student’s application for admission serves as acceptance of the responsibility to comply with college policies and procedures.
Enrollment with Rogue Community College (RCC) signifies students consent to electronic delivery of an IRS Form 1098-T for each year of eligible transactions. I understand that:
  • I may receive, view, and print my IRS Form 1098-T via MyRogue.
  • I may submit a request to receive a paper IRS Form 1098-T via MyRogue Home tab by clicking on the My Records link under the Quick Links channel and that such a request will not be treated as a withdrawal of consent to electronic delivery. The RCC business office will confirm the withdrawal via MyRogue email. A withdrawal consent does not apply to a statement provided electronically as set forth above before the date on which the withdrawal of consent takes effect.
  • RCC will cease electronic delivery of my IRS Form 1098-T only if I have no reportable transactions during the tax year.
  • Should my contact information change, it is my responsibility to submit the appropriate contact information online by viewing the MyRogue Personal Information link.
  • My IRS Form 1098-T may be accessed, downloaded and printed on any hardware device that can open, read and print Adobe PDF documents and that the college provides student use computers on campus with the necessary hardware and software to access and print my IRS Form 1098-T.
  • My IRS Form 1098-T will no longer be available via MyRogue after seven years.
  • In order to receive my IRS Form 1098-T electronically or otherwise, I must provide my social security number prior to the end of the tax year.
  • The college cannot issue 1098-T statements retroactively if I have failed to provide my social security number.
Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 is a federal law that requires colleges to take steps to prevent and address sexual discrimination, harassment, and violence. RCC is committed to learning and working environments that are free from all forms of sexual discrimination and harassment. Therefore, it is a violation of College policy for any employee, student or third-party at RCC to engage in sexual discrimination, harassment, or violence. RCC’s Title IX policies and administrative procedures provide remedies to members of the RCC community who have been subject to sexual discrimination, harassment or violence. Title IX Coordinators are responsible for managing and coordinating efforts to prevent and address sexual discrimination, harassment, and/or sexual violence. For more information about reporting or contacting RCC’s designated Coordinators, go to: