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International Student Tuition and Fees

Rogue Community College requires certification of adequate financial support from applicants with nonimmigrant visas. These financial statements must be on file with the Enrollment Services office before an applicant will be considered for admission to the college. Financial support statement must demonstrate the ability to cover the cost of at least one-year’s attendance (see below). A student should be prepared to pay tuition and fees when registering for classes each quarter. Estimated costs for a single student living independently are listed below. These estimates are subject to change without notice, and the student should anticipate possible adjustments in expenses.

The total cost for one academic year including tuition and living expenses has been estimated at $29,883. Please submit current (dated within the last 90 days) official bank statements to show this amount as part of your application. In accordance with SEVP regulations, RCC cannot offer admission or issue an I-20 until you have provided evidence that you have adequate funds for your proposed program of study. The estimated cost of attending RCC for one academic year (9 months) is $29,883 as shown below:

Estimated costs for international students at RCC
These costs are based on the 2021-22 academic year. Costs are subject to change annually.

  • Visit for the current tuition rate.
  • Students must purchase insurance or provide proof of current medical coverage. Coverage proof must be submitted each year/when the policy expires. Insurance rate/fees listed above are estimated.
  • This budget is only an estimate. Every effort is made to provide complete and accurate information for current tuition and fees, health insurance, student activities, special program costs, etc.
  • This budget does not include the cost of living for dependents of students. Add approximately $5,500.00 per year for your spouse and $2,500.00 per year for each child.

Bank Statement/Financial Documents (required for application)

Applicants must submit a bank statement and/or a financial document showing proof of funds for one academic year ($29,883). The document must be no more than 3 months old from the date of submission. The account holder’s name must be listed in the English alphabet on the bank statement or on another document verifying the account and account holder’s information. The amount of money on the bank statement must be converted to US dollars.

These forms can also be found in the International Student Packet

*Sponsors and applicants must fill out the RCC Affidavit of Support. Please ensure that the total line matches the support amount/amounts listed above.