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JCT updates regarding the Covid-19 outbreak:

  • There are no plans to reduce or curb any transit service at this time.  There have been no directives by Josephine County, ODOT or the Federal Transit Administration to do so.  And across the nation there have very few service reductions from any transit providers.  The only service adjustments that might be anticipated would be the result of staff shortages. If JCT suffers staffing issues our services will be adjusted accordingly. 
  • All fares have been waived until further notice. The fares were waived for two reasons:
    1. to reduce interaction with the driver and speed up the dwelling times at the front doors,
    2. to help provide some economic relief to our most vulnerable passengers.
  • All front seat are now exclusively for the elderly and disabled and not open to all passengers.
  • On our large buses with two doors, entry and exit through the rear door is permitted and encouraged.
  • All buses are still on their regular cleaning schedule, approximately every other day and are cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant.
  • Drivers are equipped with gloves and extra cleaning supplies.  This is becoming more and more of a challenge due to supply issues.    

If there are any additional recommended by the FTA, or ODOT, an update will soon follow.  Our priorities are still to get people where they need to go and preserve the health and safety of our employees and riders.

RVTD updates regarding the Covid-19 outbreak:

RVTD is working with local officials and agencies to respond to the coronavirus and would like to remind passengers and the public to take cautious measures in public spaces such as our buses.

At this time service levels will stay the same. There is a possibility due to labor shortages however that we may need to reduce service. In the event of a service reduction we would operate Monday - Friday at hourly frequency from 5:00am to 8:00pm for most routes. We will provide schedule changes on the website and within buses and through social media. At this time, there are no service changes.

To help avoid the spread of contagions, we request that passengers:

  • Limit non-essential business at Front Street Station's customer service window and administration offices.
  • Do not use transit if you feel ill, seek medical attention by calling a medical professional. La Clinica is a good resource for medical assistance.
  • Try to avoid close contact with other passengers if possible. Be considerate of other passengers.
  • If you are concerned about being in proximity to others, please consider bicycling, walking or asking for rides from friends or family.
  • Carry hand sanitizer or sanitation wipes to maintain a good hygiene.

RVTD continues to monitor ways to decrease the spread of the Corona virus within the buses and uses a hospital grade, anti-viral cleaning solution on all high touch surfaces daily. The cleaned surfaces are helping to mitigate the spread but please use caution and be aware of your own abilities to maintain a healthy use of public transit and other public places.


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Services Available MONDAY - FRIDAY
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Saturday: 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.  ​
Sunday: Closed  
6:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. 
(Last stop at RCC - 8:50 p.m.)


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