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New Student Orientation (NSO): Introduction

“Just In Time” Emails
Watch for weekly
“Just in Time” emails
during your first term.

Welcome to Rogue Community College (RCC)! We're glad you are here and we are excited to assist you on your educational and career journey. New Student Orientation (NSO) is the next mandatory step to help you become an informed and successful student. NSO is the first step of an ongoing process to help you discover RCC resources, deadlines and requirements throughout your first term.

Shortly before your first term begins, you will begin to receive weekly “Just In Time” e-mails from RCC Student Services staff. These e-mails include important dates, information about student activities, and tips for success. You will receive them throughout your first term.

After completing this NSO, you will be able to:

  1. Navigate the college website.
  2. Identify student resources.
  3. Be aware of college policies and timelines.

NSO is divided into sections containing information on specific topics. Read the text, view the videos, and use the links for more in-depth information.

Use the NEXT button at the bottom of each page to advance through the NSO.

For assistance with New Student Orientation, call Student Life.

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