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The Placement Process

Every student must be PLACED before attending RCC.

Welcome to RCC! We are glad you have decided to take classes with us!

Many of our credit-courses have prerequisites, requiring a certain level of math, reading and writing competency. Knowing which courses are best for you is important and will save you time, money and frustration. Let's place you into classes that best fit your current skills. We want you to start college with confidence! NOTE: We can accept any combination of these options to place you.

How to upload requested/required documents to myRogue

  • Choose the option you want to use for placement.
  • Scan or take a photo of the required documents.
  • Fill out the online form. Right click (Windows) or control click (Mac) once the form is filled out, and choose Print and print to a PDF file. Save that file (i.e., OssieOspreyPlacement.pdf).
  • Log into myRogue > Document Center > My Documents.
  • Choose the ADM - Placement Document from the dropdown menu, and "browse" (choose the file from your local computer) to upload it.

Choose the way you want to place yourself in our math, reading and writing classes.

diploma received from high school
I want to use my GPA and qualifying classes for placement
Note: Using your high school grades and GPA is recommended for high school juniors, seniors, and students that have graduated within the past 2 years.

GED scores
I have completed a GED
and I want to use those test scores.
Note: Using your GED test scores for placement is only recommended for students that have completed their GED within the past 2 years.

transcripts from another college
I want to use my transcripts from another college

showing I passed math, reading & writing.

placement scores from another college
I took a placement test at another college

and I want to use those scores

sat or act scores
I have taken an SAT or ACT
test and I want to use those scores.

AP or IB scores
I have taken Advanced Placement (AP) or
International Baccalaureate (IB) classes

and I want to use those grades.

take a placement assessment
The Placement Process is closed for Fall term.

Please visit us on Monday, October 12 for placement for Winter Term.


Questions? Contact RCC's Admission Coaches at or call 541-956-7217.