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Academic Placement Tips

Academic Placement measures your skills in three areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics

RCC uses Accuplacer, a suite of exams that determine you knowledge in these subjects. Learn more about Accuplacer and review basic concepts in math, reading and writing before taking the placement assessment by visiting

You can also download an Accuplacer iPhone app at

For study tips, check out the Accuplacer Study Guide.

Need to brush up on your reading, writing or math skills? RCC's Adult Basic Skills (ABS) offers basic skills classes. For more information call 541-245-7701 in Medford or 541-956-7253 in Grants Pass.

Ways to prepare:

Before you take the placement assessment:

  1. Practice using sample questions (

Things to know:

  1. This assessment is used to place you into reading, writing and math. You can not pass or fail this exam.
  2. This assessment is not timed, but plan about 2 hours.
  3. You can take a break during the assessment if you need/want to.
  4. A calculator is available for use during the assessment.
  5. You may not use your phone.
  6. If you need special accommodations to help take the computerized assessment, please contact the Disability Services department.

On assessment day:

  1. Bring your RCC Student ID number. Don't have one yet? Apply to RCC today at
  2. Bring a photo I.D. Choose one:
  • A valid driver license
  • DMV ID card
  • Current US passport
  • US military ID card
  • RCC student body card
  • High school student body card
  • High school yearbook with your picture and name
  • Notarized letter of identity with photo (no copies)
  • Foreign passport with current US Visa
  • I-94 form with photograph
  • US Certificate of Citizenship
  • US Citizenship and Immigration Services employment authorization document
  • Refugee travel document

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