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2017 Innovation Award Recipients

2017 Individual Innovation Award Recipient: 

Teresa Rivenes, Dean of School of Arts and Letters
Project: The Freshman Experience

Teresa Rivenes is spearheading and supporting a number of critical innovations in how we handle first-year college students with her participation in and support of multiple placement measures; a co-enrollment model of DE and college-level writing classes; and a new and ambitious Freshman Experience cohort. As a leader, Teresa is respectful, inclusive, and consensus building; and yet, almost paradoxically, she is moving all of these plans forward at lightning speed. I would expect years of feet-dragging, but Teresa’s enthusiasm and persistence are making rapid and positive changes that will dramatically increase the retention and completion rates of first-year students.

2017 Team Innovation Award Winner Recipients:

Team: Adult Basic Skills
Leader: Julie Rossi, Director

Brandon Atkins, Adjunct Faculty
Lee Bollschweiler, Faculty
Thayer (Navarro) Chandler, Faculty/Lead
Kiersta Fricke-Gostnell, Depatment Chair
Peggy Guthmiller, Administrative Assistant
Denise Kerr, Data Management Specialist
Kristi Kowalski, Faculty/Lead Instructor
Lori Lundine, Faculty/Lead Instructor
Jil Rigby, Data Management Specialist
Carolyn Shaw-Straus, Faculty/Volunteer Tutor Coordinator
Serena St. Clair, Ph.D., Coordinator Pathways, CWE and Articulation

Project: Transforming Career Pathways for Adult Basic Skills Students
Adult Basic Skills moved from a GED program that focused primarily on completion of a diploma to a shared vision and mission to get students through their GED with an educational and career goal with support from our department. This meant beginning a process of systemic, institutional culture revision. Starting from our traditional model of open enrollment to a managed enrollment system we have continually increased our alignment with the college's systems, provided professional development for our staff, added free college credit opportunities for our students, and worked with our local community partners to better prepare our students for success in college, career and life.

Team: Disability Services
Leader: Andrew Childress, Director

Brooke McDermid, Dean, Student Success
Rene McKenzie, Director, Student Programs
Eve Randolph, Disability Services Specialist

Project: Notification of Student Accommodations for Faculty
Rene McKenzie, Brooke McDermid and Andrew Childress from Disability Services worked with Jeff Miller in programming to create roster notification that would notify instructors of students who received accommodations in their specific course. The notification allows instructors to click on a link located on their roster to access the accommodation letters for each student in the class. The intent of the roster notification was to give instructors a logical point of access for the notification of accommodations and to supplement the email notification that had proven to be less than reliable as they were being routed to ‘Clutter’ and ‘Spam’ folders.