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Executive Team

Information Sharing:  E-Team discusses and reviews legislative updates, statewide community college issues, finance, budget and facilities issues, campus councils’ reports; ad hoc committee reports, and division/function reports.

Reporting:  The President’s Office reports regularly to the Board and college community through routine oral and written reports, by email, press releases, in a quarterly newsletter, open forums, and scheduled meetings, as well as through postings on the College’s Website.

Meetings and Minutes:  E-Team meets weekly; the President works with his/her assistant to prepare and prioritize the agenda. The President’s assistant prepares, distributes, and maintains meeting minutes for the state-mandated retention period of five (5) years. Click the link for current E-team Meeting Minutes.

Membership:  E-Team includes the College President, who serves as chair, the president’s assistant, the College’s vice presidents, and deans for College Services, Instructional Services, and Student Services, the chief financial officer, the director for Marketing and Recruitment, the director of Human Resources, the executive director of the RCC Foundation; and, the director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.