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Campus Environmental Health

Rogue Community College is committed to the safe storage and disposal of all chemicals and to the prevention of exposures that could result in injury and/or illness. Rogue Community College is also committed to complying with all applicable federal, state and local health and safety codes and regulations. To ensure that all affected employees are provided with the necessary information concerning the dangers of all Universal and Hazardous waste storage and disposal by Rogue Community College, the following Universal & Hazardous Waste Program has been established. All employees of Rogue Community College will participate and comply with all sections of the Universal & Hazardous Waste Program. The written Universal & Hazardous Waste Program is reviewed, updated and maintained by the Rogue Community College Risk Management Department.


  • Protect our environment – the air, land and water around us – from potential sources of pollution; and
  • Comply with all applicable state, federal and local regulations pertaining to environmental protection. Specifically with all requirements outlined by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

Specific Areas of Responsibility


  • Request for product evaluation and disposal (coming soon)