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Campus Security

Campus Security

Rogue Community College maintains a cooperative relationship with the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, the City of Medford Police Department, the City of Grants Pass Department of Public Safety and the Oregon State Police. The Rogue Community College Campus Security Department consists of the Director of Risk Management and the Risk Management Coordinator. The College also maintains a contract with a private security firm that provides security officers at the Redwood Campus, the Riverside Campus, and the Table Rock Campus. The contract security staff are unarmed, non-sworn personnel. Rogue Community College does not have a Memorandum of Understanding or other written agreement with outside police agencies, but enjoys a positive and cooperative relationship with state and local law enforcement.

After contacting 911, or local law enforcement, Campus Security should be notified of all criminal activity and emergency situations on campus. Reporting can be accomplished by the following means:

  • Campus Security at the Redwood Campus may be reached 24 hours per day 7 days per week via cell phone at 541-218-2930.
  • Campus Security at the Riverside Campus may be reached between 7am and 11pm Monday – Friday, and from 8am – 4pm on Saturday via cell phone at 541-218-2931.
  • Campus Security at the Table Rock Campus may be reached between 7am and 10:30pm Monday – Friday and between 7am and 7pm on Saturday via cell phone at 541-218-3639.

* Crime reports and incident reports submitted to Campus Security are covered under state law and are subject to public record requirements.

RCC Incident Report

To file an Accident and/or Injuries Report Click Here

To file a Student Behavior and Conduct Report Click Here

For all other reports please contact security at your campus. Report incidents for the Small Business Development Center-Downtown Grants Pass and the Illinois Valley Learning Center to Campus Security at the Redwood Campus.

* Crime reports and incident reports submitted to Campus Security are covered under state law and are subject to public record requirements.

Stalking and Protective Orders

When the Rogue Community College Risk Management Department receives a lawful Stalking or Protection Order from a victim or offender, the order is copied and filed in the Risk Management Office. If the order is temporary, the person dropping off the order is advised to bring another copy if a permanent order is issued. The Director of Risk Management will notify Campus Security staff so that they are aware in the event the individual violates an orderder. When the issue of two individuals who have orders (victim or restrained) are authorized to be on campus, the Risk Management Department along with the Compliance Coordinator will work together to make scheduling accommodations if permissable under the order and possible with current course availability. The goal is to work with both individuals to make sure they both have the opportunity to succeed.

Registered Sex Offenders

Rogue Community College (RCC or the College) Sex Offender Notification Procedures:

Inofrmation regarding registered sex offenders may be obtained from the Oregon State Police, Sex Offender Unit (503-378-3720). It is the intention of the College to be proactive in its efforts to be better informed about sex offenders attending classes at RCC. Any information obtained must be communicated with the Director of Advising, Compliance, and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, April Hamlin; 541-956-7255. 

The Director of Advising & Compliance, & Title IX Deputy Coordinator will serve as primary contact for:

  • Sex offenders and/or students who self-identify.
  • Parole Officers seeking to provide identification information to RCC.
  • RCC personnel to whom students self-identify.
  • RCC personnel who may discover students identified in a public report.

Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation for Students (CARES) Team

Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation for Students (CARES) Team – CARES Team is a safe place for you to make referrals about a student you are concerned for.

Rogue Community College’s CARES Team is a proactive team that provides support to students who are struggling and/or exhibiting concerning behavior.  CARES Team is designed to help students, staff, and to further the mission of RCC.

More information is available by visiting the CARES home page.

Campus Security Authorities

Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) are individual employees of Rogue Community College who have been designated as CSAs because of specific duties or responsibilities associated with their position. A list of current CSAs is maintained by Risk Management. CSAs are required to forward all reports they receive in their role as a CSA to Campus Security. Confidentiality may be maintained but it will limit any further action by Rogue Community College.

Annual Security Report
Rogue Community College publishes an Annual Security Report no later than October 1st of each year in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. The Annual Security Report provides college employees, students and the overall community with information regarding crimes that have occurred on or around Rogue Community College campuses, policies and procedures utilized by the college to provide campus security and emergency management, programs offered by the college related to crime reporting and prevention and other relevant information. Follow the link to find an online copy of the current Annual Security Report. A printed copy of the report can be obtained by contacting a member of the Risk Management department at 541-956-7061 during normal business hours.

Previous Years Reports:

Daily Crime Log

A Daily Crime Log for each campus can be viewed below. These crime logs will show any campus crimes in the previous 60 calendar days.

Redwood Campus

Riverside Campus

Table Rock Campus

Illinois Valley Learning Center

Drug Free Schools and Community Act

Local Law Enforcement

Grants Pass Department of Public Safety

726 NE 7th St. 
Grants Pass, Oregon
911 Emergency
541-450-6260 Non-Emergency  

Medford Police Department

219 S Ivy
Medford, Oregon
911 Emergency
541-774-2250 Non-Emergency

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

5179 Crater Lake Hwy
Central Point, Oregon
911 Emergency
541-774-6800 Non-Emergency

Josephine County Sheriff’s Office  

1901 NE F St   
Grants Pass, Oregon    
911 Emergency
541-474-5123 Non-Emergency       

Oregon State Police

4500 Rogue Valley Hwy
Central Point, Oregon
911 Emergency
541-776-6236 Non-Emergency