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RCC Safety Committee

Safety Committee
Required under OAR 437-001-0765

The RCC Safety Committee is comprised of management and non-management representatives on each campus and meet monthly to increase safety and health awareness. Per the Safety & Health Policy (AP-033), the committee assists management in minimizing or eliminating workplace hazards and encourages communication and discussion of problems in the workplace that could result in injury, illness, or loss of property. If you have any questions regarding the RCC Safety Committee or wish to become a member, please contact Wendy Jones, Chairperson. 

Safety Committee Members
  • Wendy Jones, Chair
  • Cessa Vichi, Co-Chair
  • Jeanne Lee, Secretary
  • Ernie Alloway
  • Rob Blevens
  • Margaret Brewer
  • Paula Brooks
  • Michael Bullard
  • CHBW Security Officers
  • Gray Conway
  • Donna D'Inzillo
  • Ted Daw
  • Forrest Denison
  • Annie Droullard
  • Stephen Foster
  • Mike Friesen
  • Todd Giesbrecht
  • Eric Gomez
  • Pam Green
  • Jim Hurst
  • Dana Jacklin
  • Chauncey Kieley
  • Anthony Knight
  • Grant Lagorio
  • Carylyn Later
  • Lorri Jo McIntosh
  • Garrett Mecca
  • John Miles
  • Carmen Mons
  • JP Morgan
  • Christine Murff
  • Cat Murphy
  • Rachel Ostroskie
  • Richard Pellerin
  • Will Riddle
  • Jil Rigby
  • Dan Rodriguez
  • Al Sheldon
  • Helaine Smith
  • Michelle Smith
  • Sean Taggart
  • Tyler Tull
  • Dennis Underwood
  • Svetlana Varner-Garske
  • Grant Walker
  • Angel Woods

Safety Committee Meeting Schedule The RCC Safety Committee meets monthly, typically on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 1:30pm - 2:30pm. During Fall Term, these meetings occur on the 2nd Wednesday of the month to avoid schedule conflicts. All RCC Safety Committee meetings occur via IP Video from each campus.

Safety Committee Agendas - The RCC Safety Committee Agenda's are distributed to committee members prior to each meeting. If you have a topic you would like to add to the agenda, please email Wendy Jones.

Safety Concerns/Suggestions - If you have a safety suggestion or a safety concern on one of our campuses, please email Wendy Jones.

Campus Occupational Safety Campus Occupational Safety procedures and programs guide employees on best practices for workplace safety.