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Rogue Community College Alerts

If there is a condition which threatens the health and safety of persons on campus, College officials will warn the campus community using one or more of the following methods:


  1. Home Page: During an emergency at Rogue Community College, the main college Website,  will include prominent links to the Alerts page. A red bar will appear at the top of the RCC home page and the second level pages with the alert message. Look for one of the following:
    1. Weather (snowflake),
    2. Warning (triangle), or
    3. Information (i) icon located under Alerts.
  2. Alerts Page: Everything points to  This is the official source for the most up-to-date emergency information and announcements. Within minutes, emergency and administration officials will post details regarding the emergency, protective action recommendations, and official announcements regarding cancellations, closures, etc. This page is available 24/7/365 with the latest information about any potential threats, and links to preparedness information.
  3. Employee Alerts:  Employees can update their emergency contact information here to receive alerts during an emergency. Emergency messages will also be sent to all active computer screens.
  4. Student Alerts: Students can register their cell phone number within myRogue to receive emergency text message, voice call, and/or email alerts.
  5. E-mail: RCC can quickly alert students, faculty, and staff of emergency conditions by sending an e-mail to your official e-mail address. Students' emergency e-mails will go to the e-mail account set up within myRogue.
  6. Mass Paging: Telephones and speakers located on all three campuses and remote sites will be used to alert staff and students during an emergency. If you are on the phone your call will be interrupted with the emergency page.
  7. Public Alerts: Family members, neighboring businesses, etc. can sign up to receive public alerts from our Emergency Notification System.  This service, powered by AlertSense, allows RCC to issue alerts to notify subscribers of events, such as need for immediate evacuation, crime/imminent danger, and weather delays/closures.  We encourage individuals and businesses in the area to register and provide your contact method(s) to ensure you are able to receive notifications in the event of an emergency at Rogue Community College.  To register, visit RCC ALERTS!


  1. PSAs: Public Service Announcements will be displayed on the college home page or you can subscribe to the RSS feed by going to the RCC home page and clicking on the RSS icon in the footer. RSS Feed
  2. Login Pages: Students and faculty visit myRogue and Rogue Online (Bb) on a regular basis. Emergency information may be posted on the login screens.
  3. Social Networking: RCC Alerts will also likely be published on Facebook and Twitter and our mobile app.
  4. Television Media: Depending on the nature and severity of the emergency, local television news stations may carry live breaking news or periodic updates regarding an emergency on campus.
  5. Radio Media: Depending on the nature and severity of the emergency, local radio news stations may carry live breaking news or periodic updates regarding an emergency on campus.
  6. Newspaper Media: Although technically not a breaking news medium, the printed newspapers may include pertinent information in the days following a major incident or emergency.

Word of Mouth: We cannot discount the power of the human voice to spread news and emergency information. RCC officials, such as deans and other faculty and staff members may be in a position to make emergency notifications. Please follow all lawful orders given to you by a college official. However, if you're not hearing it from an official RCC source, please verify all information by visiting