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Academic Suspension

If you are on academically suspended, it is because:

  • You did not earn a term GPA of at least 2.0 for three consecutive terms of enrollment, or
  • You did not pass 50% of attempted credits for four consecutive terms of enrollment.

At the end of these terms of unsatisfactory academic progress, the Director of Enrollment Services will notify you in writing that you have been academically suspended from further enrollment in credit classes at RCC until reinstated. This status will be reflected in your permanent electronic file. You will be dropped from any courses in which you are enrolled at the time of suspension, and receive a 100 percent refund.

If you are academically suspended for the first time:

  • You will not be allowed to register for credit classes for the subsequent term following academic suspension and must petition for reinstatement by the Academic Return Packet deadline for the term in which you hope to enroll. Packets received after the deadline will not be reviewed by the Academic Review Committee until the following term.

If you are academically suspended more than once:

  • You will not be allowed to register for credit classes for one full academic year beginning the term after academic suspension. You may petition for reinstatement the corresponding term in the next academic year. Example: A student suspended after a fall term may petition for reinstatement in the fall of the next academic year, for classes beginning that winter term. You must appeal in person to the Academic Review Committee.

In order to petition for reinstatement, you must:

Complete an Academic Return Packet (forms are available at the Rogue Community College Counseling Department or on the RCC website at myRogue, Forms for Students).

The packet must include:

  1. RCC unofficial transcripts
  2. An academic plan completed with a counselor at least two days prior to petition deadline,
  3. A statement describing the circumstances that led to suspension. Be as complete as possible and include important dates.
  4. Documentation to support reasons for academic difficulty and your proposed academic improvement
  5. A statement that describes the actions you will take to ensure your future academic success, and/or how any interfering circumstances have been resolved.

Only complete packets received by the deadline will be accepted and reviewed by the Academic Review Committee (academic review committee).

  • Submit an Academic Return Packet to the Counseling Department Chair by the deadline noted in the packet.
  • Schedule an appearance before the ARC if desired or required due to a 2nd suspension. Contact the Counseling Department secretary at 541-956-7190.

The academic review committee may be comprised of:

  • Counseling Department Chair
  • Financial Aid Representative
  • Director of Enrollment Services
  • Counseling Department Representative
  • Committee secretary
  • Transcript Evaluator

You will be notified of the committee's decision in writing within five days of the committee meeting.

In the case that the committee does not grant the academic return, you have the right to appeal the decision through the Vice President of Student Services. The appeal process may be found in the catalog and RCC website (see Students' Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities), and may be further clarified by a counselor in the Counseling Department.