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Grading Policy

Program courses

The quality of your work in most core program courses is measured by a system of grades consisting of five letter grades which are used in calculating grade point average. Instructors may assign a plus or minus to grades A, B, C, or D. Plus and minus do not calculate into your grade point average.

  • A (Superior) 4 points
  • B (Above average) 3 points
  • C (Average) 2 points
  • D (Below average) 1 point
  • F (No credit) 0 points


A "D" grade will not satisfy prerequisite or program requirements.
Pass (“P”) or No Pass (“NP”) is used for most academic skills development classes. A “P” grade indicates the you have earned a “C” or better.


Generally “P” and “NP” grades may not be used if you are in core program courses, nor are "A" through "F" grades used if you are in academic skills development classes.

Other grades:

• Audit (“AU”) is an enrollment status designed for students taking credit classes for personal enrichment, which allows you to take classes but not receive credit or a grade. Contact Rogue Central Services to request an Audit. (Financial aid will not pay for audits.)

• Pending (“Y”) is used to indicate a grade has not been received from an instructor.

• Incomplete (“I”) is assigned when you have successfully completed at least 75 percent of the coursework but a prolonged excusable absence causes inability to finish the course by the end of the term. Faculty are not required to grant an "I" grade.

• Withdrawal (“W”) is assigned when you withdraw from a class after the second Wednesday of the term. NOTE: Classes can be DROPPED through the second Wednesday of the term and will not appear on the transcript; after the second Wednesday , a “W” will show on the transcript. Grades of “W” are not included in GPA calculations.