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Marketing SharePoint Work Order Instructions

To serve you better, marketing now has a Sharepoint job request and tracking system.

Please use this for all requests, including press releases. (See the directions below and let Marketing know if you have any questions.)

To use the system please use these steps to navigate to it. You may also follow and bookmark this link: Marketing SharePoint Site.

When you first visit the site, you may be prompted to request access. IT tries to grant permission within 24 hours of your request.

1. While logged in to Office 365 (the web based version of Office) click on the menu box and select "SharePoint." (Click on image below to expand.)

sharepoint dashboard for marketing and recruitment work order system

2. After selecting SharePoint, on the next screen, select "Marketing."

home page of sharepoint marketing work order system

3. This will open the Marketing SharePoint Site. Here, choose "Marketing Request Form" from the left menu. You can also click on "Marketing Request Documentation" if you need more directions.

choose marketing request form image

4. Once the request form opens, choose "New."

new marketing request screen shot

5. This will open a new job request. Please fill out all the boxes. The most important one, "Status" defaults to "Created (not ready to submit)," but once you are ready to submit it to marketing for review choose "Ready for Marketing Dir. Review."

create work order screen shot

This will send an automatic email to us. Once we have reviewed it and assigned it for production to a marketing team member, you will get another notification that it is in production. You may return to the site at any time to see the progress on your job or to add comments.