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Student of Concern (BIT-SOC)

Behavioral Intervention Team – Students of Concern (BIT-SOC) is a safe place for you to make referrals about a student you are concerned for.

BIT-SOC Mission
Rogue Community College’s BIT-SOC is a proactive team that provides support to students who are struggling and/or exhibiting concerning behavior.  BIT-SOC is designed to help students, staff, and to further the mission of RCC.

BIT-SOC has three main purposes at Rogue Community College:

i. To be a multi-disciplinary team designed to coordinate a proactive approach to students experiencing behavioral concerns.  Purposeful, educational, and coordinated response and intervention will be aimed at helping students achieve success.

ii. To provide a venue for triaging student needs that may be impacting their education.  Through established community and campus partnerships BIT-SOC can connect students with existing resources to try and address needs such as food, housing, mental health support, and transportation.   BIT-SOC will also coordinate early response to concerning or disruptive behaviors before they become a conduct issue which may impact a student’s ability to access their education.

iii. To serve as an easily accessible venue for staff and faculty of RCC to report concerns they have about a student.

Information given to BIT-SOC will be treated with respect and kept as confidential as possible. Safety is RCC's top priority so information may be shared with appropriate parties.