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Career Preparation

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A career is not the same as a job; it’s a lifelong journey. It encompasses a variety of meaningful paid and unpaid experiences that should fortify your skills and clarify your interests and values.

Likely, your career has already begun. We’re excited to help prepare you to navigate your career path with confidence to make you Rogue Ready, Career Ready.


Build a Resume

Did you know that many hiring managers spend only 5-10 seconds glancing at a candidate’s resume before making a decision about them? Not a lot of time, right? That’s why it’s so important to carefully consider all aspects of your resume. No matter how qualified you are, an unimpressive resume means no interview.

Check out our advice on how to build a resume.

Write a Cover Letter

An excellent resume will make the hiring manager open the door; an excellent cover letter will make the hiring manager invite you inside. Cover letters give you more room to tell your story, and they’re a golden opportunity to showcase your written communication skills.

Here are key tips on how to write a cover letter.

Prepare for an Interview

While your resume and cover letter will let the hiring manager know more about you, the interview is where you really have the opportunity to introduce yourself, demonstrate your knowledge of the organization, reiterate your skills and qualifications, and let your professional personality shine.

Let us help you prepare for an interview, or you can create a free Big Interview account to get more high-quality practice on your own or with others.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

Your online persona is as important as you who you are in person. One way to make a positive, professional impression is to be active on LinkedIn. Besides advertising your online resume, you can network professionally with experts all over the world, and you can catch the attention of recruiters who may offer you interviews.

Check out more info about what you must do to strengthen your online reputation.

Check out the RCC Student Employment Services group on LinkedIn, where jobs are posted regularly.

Search for Jobs

There are many different ways to search for jobs, but you shouldn’t rely on just one website alone; that’s limiting. Cast a wide net, and tap into your in-person and online networks.

To get you started, check out our job search resources.