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Marketing Me and Engaging at RCC

tutoring at RCCWhat will make me marketable to employers?

Your degree or certificate isn’t the only thing that equips you to find satisfying employment opportunities; you must also consider your skills and experiences. While you’re at RCC, we hope that you take advantage of several opportunities to gain skills and experiences that employers seek.

A Simple Formula
Degree + Skills + Experiences = Career Options

What skills and experiences do employers seek?


RCC certificates and degrees help you develop the technical skills employers prefer. Besides these, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) data reveals the transferable skills that employers seek the most:

chart of soft skills and the number of employees that have those skills

To fortify these skills, you can undertake meaningful experiences at RCC and beyond.


Part of your career exploration is to identify activities that you like and dislike for future careers. Student employment, campus involvement, volunteering, and other career experiments will provide you the opportunity to build your skills and experiences for yourself, your resume, and your future employer.


Campus Involvement

  • Athletics allows you to participate in intramural sports and other extracurricular activities.
  • Associated Student Government of Rogue Community College (ASGRCC) coordinates student activities and events, maintains clubs and organizations, represents the students to the college administration, and keeps abreast of political issues. Consider volunteering or holding an officer position for a tuition stipend.
  • Networking and relationship building is one of the most effective ways to secure jobs and internships. To learn more, contact Student Employment Services.
  • Student Clubs and Organizations or professional associations are a great way to meet new people, learn to work in groups, get involved around campus, learn leadership skills, and form lasting friendships with others who have similar interests. Student Employment Services will facilitate career workshops for your student club if you request it; just e-mail Andrew Mobbs, our Program Coordinator (!

Work and Volunteer