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Professional References

EMS Students at RCCThe professional reference list details your references’ contact information. When applying online, there should be a place for you to list your references; however, you may also include this with your application packet.

When developing your reference list, consider the following:

  • Employers typically ask for 3-5 references.
  • Choose references relevant to the position and industry if possible.
  • Do not include anyone on your reference list without asking their permission first.
  • Do not include personal references unless the employer specifically requests them. The exception to this would be for a young student without a work history.
  • References should be provided only upon request.
  • Contact your references as soon as you have handed out the reference list. You may want to send them a current copy of your resume, as well as a description of the position for which you’ve interviewed.
  • If you know that your references were contacted, send a thank you note or e-mail.
  • Do not reference them in your resume (i.e. “References provided upon request”).
  • You can find a sample professional reference list professional references list here.