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RCC Outstanding Student Employee of the Year 2020-21

Please provide a detailed example of your student employee’s demonstrated reliability. Example: Your student shows up for work on time and prepared to complete their tasks. Completes tasks in a timely manner.
Please provide detailed examples of your student employee’s exceptional quality of work. Example: Student takes pride in work assignments by completing tasks on time and with no errors. If your student is unsure of an assignment, they ask clarifying questions to ensure the task is completed correctly.
Please provide detailed examples of how your student employee demonstrates exceptional initiative. Example: Your student understands the expectations of the position and completes tasks without reminders. Student seeks opportunities to go “above and beyond” with regard to completing tasks efficiently and making suggestions to improve processes.
Please provide detailed examples of the student employee’s demonstrated professionalism. Example: Your student understands how to conduct themselves (represents the department in a positive light, knowing they also represent RCC) in the workplace. Dresses appropriately for the position. Interacts appropriately with co-workers and customers. The student has a good attitude while at work.