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Student Success @RCC

Student Success Program at RCC
RCC's Student Success Program offers support that focuses on eliminating barriers to college

College can be challenging,
we are here to help.

College can be challenging, let us support you!

Student Success @RCC is a scholarship and support program for under-represented students. We strive to eliminate barriers to college and provide on-going support to students throughout the academic year at RCC.

What does Student Success @RCC offer you?

Personalized Advising

Our program specialist will provided personalized advising to program participants that ensures timely progress towards educational goals.

Peer coaches

Peer coaches are committed to providing individualized assistance to program participants as they maneuver the ins and outs of college life.


A variety of workshops are offered throughout the school year geared towards helping participants finance their education and work towards their college and career goals. See our calendar of events (coming soon).

Cultural Events

Cultural events, also offered throughout the school year, are opportunities for program participants to interact and have fun with their peers outside of campus. See our calendar of events (coming soon).

Hardship Funds

Limited hardship scholarships are available to help participants address barriers to success.

Tuition Scholarships

Eligible program participants qualify for a tuition scholarship for summer 2020 enrollment (4 credits).

Program Requirements

  • Meet with their advisor at least once a term (Fall, Winter, Spring).
  • Meet with their assigned peer coach five times a term (Fall, Winter, Spring).
  • Attend three workshops by the end of spring term 2020.
  • Attend one cultural event by the end of spring term 2020.

Program Criteria

This program is for you if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • The parent or guardian with whom you live has not completed a four-year college degree (Bachelor's degree)
  • Minority Student
  • Student of Color
  • Undocumented Student and/or DACA
  • Under the age of 18
  • Emancipated Minor
  • LGBTQ++
  • Non-traditional student (i.e. over age 25. single parent, criminal history)
  • Currently enrolled in the GED/ABS program
  • Low income (i.e. recipient of one or more of the following: Pell Grant, SNAP, TANF, WIC, Free & Reduced Lunch)


We are full for the 2020 school year.