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Student Success at RCC - Student Application

Thank you for your interest in Student Success at RCC.  Please fill out the below application to be added to our waitlist. Please feel free to contact the following staff if you have any questions:

Nicole Kieffer
Admin Assistant

Student Success Waitlist Application

If no, please refer to the New Student Checklist for next steps.
Program Eligibility
Student Success at RCC is designed to support underrepresented students as they work towards achieving their college and career goals. Participants must meet at least one eligibility requirement.
Underrepresented Eligibility
  • The parent or guardian with whom I live has not completed a four year college degree (Bachelor's degree)
  • Low income (i.e. recipient of one or more of the following: Pell Grant, SNAP, TANF, WIC, Free & Reduced Lunch)
  • Undocumented student and/or DACA
  • LGBTQ++
  • Under age 18
  • Student of Color
  • Emancipated minor
  • Currently enrolled in the GED/ABS program
  • Minority Student
  • Student of Color
  • Non-traditional student (over age 25, single parent, criminal history)



If you do not fit the criteria above, but believe you may be an underrepresented student, please tell us more about yourself here:
Communication from Student Success at RCC
By checking this box I acknowledge that the Student Success department will be contacting me via email, phone or text with important information or announcements regarding the program.
I authorize Rogue Community College to use the following identifiable information for the purpose of educational publications, promotional advertising and/or other materials or presentations:
  • Photographs, images, or likeness
  • Information you provide in interviews or recordings
  • Information related to your program of study, major or degree completion
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