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Student Services

Kori Ebenhack Vice-President Student ServicesStudent Services respectfully guides individuals toward awareness and fulfillment through learning. We provide a broad range of programs and services designed to promote academic success, student life, and personal development. You'll find information about those programs and services right here. 

Our staff know how to solve issues and problems that sometimes arise for students, and are a great source of information about Rogue Community College resources and policies. We are here to help you succeed and make the most of your RCC experience.

We encourage you to reflect on the values of our division:

Learn - Take responsibility for your own learning. Understand how you contribute to your own experiences. Communicate your needs clearly. Be open to learning about you and accepting feedback. Keep yourself open to new ideas and understand how changes affect the systems designed to keep students engaged. Think ahead and anticipate.

Work Hard - Through deliberate practice, attention, and experience, get the job done and get better at it. Accept that at times uncomfortable effort will be required; be a productive, team player who willingly and consistently contributes. Forgive yourself your mistakes and realize that others make mistakes too. Do the best you can today.

Value Others - Smile! Say “hello” first, be sincere, ask people how they are doing, and listen to the response. Offer to help when you can, be positive, and be humble. Understand your role and the role others play in contributing to your work or to keeping students engaged in learning. Accept the variety of people you meet, appreciate them for who they are-- not who they “should” be. Practice forgiveness and acceptance, and pay attention to the emotional needs of students and co-workers.

Have Fun! - While our work is indeed serious business, we do not work in an “emergency room” environment. Keep your perspective regarding your responsibilities, remain receptive to fun activity, and give yourself permission to enjoy your day and your experiences. See the glass as half full and live in gratitude for all that is good.

Kori Ebenhack
Vice-President Student Services (CSSO)