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Title IX FAQ's

If you need help call 911

Find answers to your pressing Title IX questions. If your question is not listed below, please email the Lead Title IX Coordinator at [email protected].

What is Title IX? Are only women in athletics protected?

What are considered Title IX concerns and how do I know when I should report them?

Who is the Lead Title IX Coordinator and what do they do?

When Should I Contact the Lead Title IX Coordinator?

What do the words like Complainant and Respondent mean in RCC’s Board Policies and Administrative Procedures?

What should I do if I believe I have been sexually assaulted?

What is consent?

What are steps I should take to preserve any evidence?

What are my rights if I am a Complainant or Respondent involved in a reported incident that falls under Title IX?

Can the College help even if I don’t report or the Respondent is not affiliated with RCC?

Where can I get a Protective Order or “Restraining Order”?

What is the difference between confidential and private information?

What is a Title IX Investigator?

Can I have someone with me when I meet with the Title IX Investigator?

What if alcohol was involved and I am under 21?

Where can I find the RCC Annual Campus Safety Report?

How can I help stop gender violence from occurring?

What are possible disciplinary sanctions (outcomes) achievable through RCC’s administrative processes?