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Reporting Options

RCC encourages anyone who feels that they have been a victim of harassment, violence, or discrimination to explore their reporting options.  RCC will make every effort to respect the victim's wishes about how to proceed.  However, RCC’s response may also require us to comply with our obligations to all members of the campus community under Title IX.  Because of this obligation, RCC may not be able to maintain a request for confidentiality.

Reporting Contacts: 

Please remember that reporting, or disclosure, to anyone other than an RCC Counselor will not guarantee confidentiality.

For Students:

Email or contact:

Chauncey Kieley
Compliance Coordinator
Riverside Campus - G-222

To request a formal investigation you may also fill out a Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Form.

For Staff and Faculty:

Email or contact:

Wendy Jones
Risk Management Coordinator
Redwood Campus - M Building

To request a formal investigation you may also fill out a Discrimination and Harassment Complaint form.

Confidential Disclosure

Any member of the college community may meet with an RCC Counselor to discuss their options.  Options include a formal complaint, confidential disclosure to a Counselor, or making a complaint but requesting confidentiality.  RCC advises anyone making a complaint but requesting confidentiality that the college will make every attempt to respect that confidentiality request but some circumstances require RCC to act for the safety of all our students.

Informal Resolution

Any member of the college community may make a complaint and request that the matter be resolved informally.  An initial request for an informal resolution does not preclude the complainant from requesting a formal investigation in the future.  Additionally, the college may, after learning of the facts of the case, initiate a formal investigation on its own.  RCC will do its best to honor the complainant’s wishes.  However, some allegations, including but not limited to those of sexual violence, are not appropriate for informal resolution.

Formal Complaint

Any member of the college community may initiate a formal complaint at any time, even if they initially requested an informal resolution.  A formal complaint will initiate the formal investigation process.  A formal complaint can be filed by completing a Discrimination and Harassment Complaint form or by meeting with a RCC counselor who can help with filing a complaint.

Law Enforcement

Some violations of College policy may rise to the level of a violation of criminal law.  RCC encourages individuals to report to law enforcement to the extent they are comfortable.  A list of local agencies and their contact information can be found on our Advocacy and Resources page.  

Office for Civil Rights

If any member of the RCC community feels that their complaint is not being addressed they have the right to file a complaint with the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.  Visit the US Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights for information on filing a complaint or call 1-800-421-3481.