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The most crucial time for preparing for college is right now. Getting ready for college requires planning and making important decisions along the way.

Middle school, where it all begins … TRiO Educational Talent Search balances learning with self expression and fun. Our advisors conduct workshops and activities that provide students with the information they need to prepare for high school and college. Students not only learn about college careers, and how to develop study skills, they interact with other TRiO students, which helps to reinforce self-esteem and a positive college-going attitude. In addition, there are fun activities like summer camps and special events held throughout the year.

Freshman year … provides the foundation for the high school experience. TRiO students set forward looking goals for academics and personal achievement based on exploration of their own learning style and career interests. Here is a Freshman Action Plan to get you started.

As a Sophomore … we expand our emphasis on career exploration to include college majors and career fields. Special events and guest visits help to emphasize the important roles that planning and goal setting play during your high school years. Check out this Sophomore Action Plan for ideas.

The importance of Junior year … now we begin looking more in-depth at college and how to select the right college. Work with your TRiO transition specialist one-on-one and in a group setting to research and prepare for college entry. Review and print out a Junior Action Plan which provides important insights into financial aid, SAT/ACT preparation and more. 

Looking forward to Senior year and graduation … it s going to be a busy year. Early on, print out and review your Senior Action Plan to ensure you are on track and ready to go. Begin the year by considering pre-college testing, college research and then the process of applying to your college(s) of choice. With winter comes financial aid and scholarship essay reviews. College tours and special events round out the year just prior to graduation. You can print a Senior Action Plan to help you determine if you are on track for college.

The above Action Plans are general for each school year. If you want to create an Action Plan that is more specific to you, go to Look for the box with the blue heading “make a plan” and select your grade. You can then create a plan with your information and choices.

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