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Veteran Services updates for Spring 2020

Veterans Services welcomes student veterans to the new way of learning at RCC.  In wake of the COVID-19 health concerns, Veterans Services are here to support and assistance you with any questions or concerns while you are attending RCC during COVID-19.  

We know in this unique situation, learning at RCC may be a challenge.  All classes at RCC are offered online using Blackboard and your GI Bill will not affected during this time of COVID-19.  Your Veterans Coordinators are working from home and ready to answers your questions.   

If you have any questions, please contact your Veterans Coordinator.  Please be sure to include your student ID number, or date-of-birth, along with your name so they may locate your record and provide the service requested. Our email servers are secure, but please - DO NOT send them your social security number. (Please note their response times may be longer than desired as email and phone traffic have likely increased.)

Redwood Campus Riverside Campus
Candace Bunow
Veterans Coordinator  
Grants Pass
Voicemail: 541-956-7168
Will Riddle
Veterans Coordinator 
Voicemail: 541-245-7738


  • Will my GI Bill be affected with my classes now being online?
    Answer:  No, You will still receive your normal GI Bill funding as before.  Please do not make any changes to your schedule unless you contact our Veterans Coordinator.
  • What does it mean to me as a Post 9/11 GI Bill student?
    Answer: The classes you have signed up for in the classroom are still recognized as a classroom class.  Therefore you will still receive your full BAH during the term. Please do not make any changes to your schedule unless you contact our Veterans Coordinator.
  • Will I be able to come to the RCC campus and use the computer lab for my online classes?
    Answer:  Yes, please view your emails often as updates will be coming from RCC on how to use Blackboard and computer labs with the hours. 
  • If I am a GI Bill Student, should I take a class with the Pass/Fail Option?
    Answer:  Please be aware as a GI Bill student, a FAIL grade is different from an F grade.  If you decide to take a class as a Pass/Fail grade option and unfortunately you FAIL the class, you will payback VA from the beginning of the term for that class with a FAIL grade, which may add up to a large payment.  Please contact your Veterans Coordinator before making a decision to take a class with a Pass/Fail grade option.
  • If I am graduating in June 2020, will graduation still happen?
    Answer:  Graduation is still happening.  Please continue to view your email for updates.
  • If I have Financial Aid/Pell Grant funds, when will I receive these funds?
    Answer:  Please contact Rogue Central at 541-956-7501 or email

RCC Veterans Services is proud to be a part of the following organizations:

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